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taxon orf/entrez description information symbol
4932 YAL021C Component of the CCR4-NOT transcriptional complex, which is involved in regulation of gene expression; component of the major cytoplasmic deadenylase, which is involved in mRNA poly(A) tail shortening reduced levels of ADH2 expression under both glucose and ethanol growth conditions; temperature sensitive growth on nonfermentative medium CCR4
4932 YAL024C Putative GDP/GTP exchange factor required for mitotic exit at low temperatures; acts as a guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) for Tem1p, which is a key regulator of mitotic exit; physically associates with Ras2p-GTP lethal at low temperature (8 degrees C) LTE1
4932 YCL016C Subunit of a complex with Ctf8p and Ctf18p that shares some components with Replication Factor C, required for sister chromatid cohesion and telomere length maintenance benomyl sensitive and defective in sister chromatid cohesion DCC1
4932 YDL013W Protein containing a RING finger domain that interacts with Slx8p; mutant phenotypes and genetic interactions suggest a role in sumoylation and in genome stability null is synthetically lethal with sgs1 null SLX5
4932 YDL074C E3 ubiquitin ligase for Rad6p, required for the ubiquitination of histone H2B, recruitment of Rad6p to promoter chromatin and subsequent methylation of histone H3 (on K4 and K79), contains RING finger domain null mutant is sensitive to brefeldin A BRE1
4932 YDL220C Single stranded DNA-binding protein found at TG1-3 telomere G-tails; regulates telomere replication through recruitment of specific sub-complexes, but the essential function is telomere capping   CDC13
4932 YER083C Subunit of the GET complex; required for meiotic nuclear division and for the retrieval of HDEL proteins from the Golgi to the ER in an ERD2 dependent fashion; may be involved in cell wall function null is hypersensitive to calcofluor white suffer an increased spheroplast lysis rate GET2
4932 YGL020C Subunit of the GET complex; required for the retrieval of HDEL proteins from the Golgi to the ER in an ERD2 dependent fashion and for normal mitochondrial morphology and inheritance Null: Required for spore wall formation, but not IME1 induction or nuclear division GET1
4932 YGL058W Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme (E2), involved in postreplication repair (with Rad18p), sporulation, telomere silencing, and ubiquitin-mediated N-end rule protein degradation (with Ubr1p) Radiation sensitive. Defective for postreplication repair, repression of retrotransposition, meiotic gene conversion and sporulation. Mutations in srs2 suppress rad6 radiation-sensitivity but not the sporulation defect. rad6 forms recombination intermediates. mgs1 is synthetic lethal with rad6.; Deletion mutants of this post-replication repair (PRR) gene do not have any cross-link-induced mutations but show increased levels of recombination. RAD6
4932 YGR229C Protein involved in the regulation of cell wall synthesis; proposed to be involved in coordinating cell cycle progression with cell wall integrity Null mutant is viable, shows osmotic sensitivity, sensitivity to cercosporamide, resistance to zymolase; temperature sensitive mutant arrests at S phase with small buds SMI1
4932 YHR090C Subunit of the NuA4 histone acetyltransferase complex that acetylates histone H4 and H2A; has similarity to the human tumor suppressor ING1 carbon source-, heat shock-, temperature-, and caffeine-sensitive, abnormal morphology, reduced histone H4 acetylation; BEM and RAD phenotypes; haploid yng2 mutants do not tolerate mutations in genes important for nonhomologous end joining repair yet remain proficient for homologous recombination. YNG2
4932 YHR191C Subunit of a complex with Ctf18p that shares some subunits with Replication Factor C and is required for sister chromatid cohesion   CTF8
4932 YJL081C Nuclear actin-related protein involved in chromatin remodeling, component of chromatin-remodeling enzyme complexes   ARP4
4932 YJR033C Subunit of the RAVE complex (Rav1p, Rav2p, Skp1p), which promotes assembly of the V-ATPase holoenzyme; required for transport between the early and late endosome/PVC and for localization of TGN membrane proteins; potential Cdc28p substrate   RAV1
4932 YKL113C 5- to 3- exonuclease, 5- flap endonuclease, required for Okazaki fragment processing and maturation as well as for long-patch base-excision repair; member of the S. pombe RAD2/FEN1 family Null mutant demonstrates temperature-sensitive growth and sensitivity to UV light and methylmethane sulfonate. rad27 mutant cells are defective in Okazaki fragment maturation. RAD27
4932 YKL190W Calcineurin B; the regulatory subunit of calcineurin, a Ca++/calmodulin-regulated type 2B protein phosphatase which regulates Crz1p (a stress-response transcription factor), the other calcineurin subunit is encoded by CNA1 and/or CMP1 Null mutant is viable, Li+ and Na+ sensitive, cnb1 fks1 and cnb1 vma3 double mutants are inviable CNB1
4932 YLR039C Protein involved in retrograde transport to the cis-Golgi network; forms heterodimer with Rgp1p that acts as a GTP exchange factor for Ypt6p; involved in transcription of rRNA and ribosomal protein genes defective in the transcription of both ribosomal protein genes and ribosomal RNA RIC1
4932 YLR110C Cell wall mannoprotein, mutants are defective in mating and agglutination, expression is downregulated by alpha-factor Null mutant is viable and shows decrease in mating efficiency and defect in agglutination CCW12
4932 YLR262C GTPase, Ras-like GTP binding protein involved in the secretory pathway, required for fusion of endosome-derived vesicles with the late Golgi, maturation of the vacuolar carboxypeptidase Y; has similarity to the human GTPase, Rab6 Null mutant is viable, temperature sensitive; suppressed by ssd1 and imh1 mutations YPT6
4932 YMR078C Subunit of a complex with Ctf8p that shares some subunits with Replication Factor C and is required for sister chromatid cohesion; may have overlapping functions with Rad24p in the DNA damage replication checkpoint Null mutant is viable, exhibits increased level of spontaneous mitotic recombination, slow growth, and cold sensitivity CTF18
4932 YMR091C Component of the RSC chromatin remodeling complex; interacts with Rsc3p, Rsc30p, Ldb7p, and Htl1p to form a module important for a broad range of RSC functions; involved in nuclear protein import and maintenance of proper telomere length   NPL6
4932 YNR052C RNase of the DEDD superfamily, subunit of the Ccr4-Not complex that mediates 3- to 5- mRNA deadenylation Mutant is resistant to glucose derepression, temperature-sensitive, and unable to sporulate and contains reduced amounts of reserve carbohydrates POP2
4932 YOL018C Syntaxin-like t-SNARE that forms a complex with Tlg1p and Vti1p and mediates fusion of endosome-derived vesicles with the late Golgi; binds Vps45p, which prevents Tlg2p degradation and also facilitates t-SNARE complex formation Null mutant is viable in SEY6210, exhibits endocytosis defect and loss of Kex2p TLG2
4932 YOR244W Histone acetyltransferase catalytic subunit of the native multisubunit complex (NuA4) that acetylates four conserved internal lysines of histone H4 N-terminal tail; required for cell cycle progression   ESA1
4932 YPL055C Protein of unknown function; null mutant forms abnormally large cells Null: large cell size. Other phenotypes: synthetic lethal with swi4 LGE1